Angelina Jolie was devastated after a recent trip to border refugee camps in Burma, Thailand and Darfur - because she fears the desperate and the homeless there will never get help.

As a UNITED NATIONS Goodwill Ambassador, the actress spent days frustrated and on the verge of tears as she spent time with kids who she fears will never know true freedom - because the political situation in the three countries is so fragile.

She says, "I think there are some serious human rights violations going on inside Burma that nobody seems to have access to. It's kind of going unnoticed.

"I spent time with refugees on the border of Thailand. It's so horribly sad for 20-year-old kids that haven't been outside the walls of the camps for 20 years and have grown up in an area that's like a prison, and I pray that Darfur gets enough aid.

"Everywhere I went on this trip, there was no place that was 100 per cent safe. I couldn't talk to lots of people about rape and abuse and the things they'd gone through because I didn't want them to get beaten up or worse - because they were speaking to internationals. It's a really serious situation."

Jolie says the worst thing is proud governments are telling other world leaders that things aren't as bad as they're reported - when they're worse.

She adds, "In the Sudan, for instance, the government had been saying and had been focusing on `It's better, it's safe and we can start returning people from the camps.' In fact, people have returned - to the camps! There's sort of odd politics going on."

13/11/2004 02:43