Angelina Jolie is often appalled and upset by her fellow Americans' thoughts about foreign countries - because they reprimand her for taking her son to supposed trouble spots.

The actress and Unicef ambassador was blasted for taking her adopted son MADDOX to Lebanon for Christmas (04) when she returned to American soil, because customs officials thought the country was a terrible vacation spot.

She says, "If I've gone to the Middle East, if I've taken my child to Lebanon for Christmas everybody thought 'You're not scared?'

"I've re-entered the States after going to certain parts of Africa and they've said, 'You took your kid there?' and I've had that in customs: 'You took your kid there? Those people are dangerous.'

"(I'm like) 'OK, thank you,' and I just had a beautiful trip with beautiful families and people and, yes, I was with my son and there's nothing scary about them.

"There's this odd thing of the way I'm seeing people on one side or the other just questioning how I'm able to live in both worlds."

11/03/2005 03:07