Angelina Jolie fought back the tears while making a speech on behalf of the terrified refugee children who make their way to America - to heads of state in Washington DC yesterday (25JUN03).

The actress, who was appointed a UNITED NATIONS goodwill ambassador two years ago (01), took her crusade for children's rights to Capitol Hill in a bid to get more leniency for the world's lost children.

Supported by SENATOR DIANE FEINSTEIN, the TOMB RAIDER star said, "They're beautiful, amazing young children and they have gone through so much death and so much loss and they're alone in the world, and by some miracle they have found their way into a border of a country."

Urging the senate to pass legislation to improve the treatment of refugee children arriving in America, Jolie started sobbing, and then apologised, saying, "Sorry, I'm very nervous because this is very important to me."

She added, "These children have seen their families murdered, they have lost their homes and they have been targets of attacks themselves, and still they have this unbreakable spirit."

26/06/2003 13:53