Screen beauty Angelina Jolie looks on director Oliver Stone as a replacement for her estranged dad Jon Voight.

The human rights campaigner and actress has laughed off reports she is dating Stone - who directs her in upcoming Macedonian epic ALEXANDER - because she sees him as a surrogate parent.

Jolie explains, "I like Oliver. We're both really sensitive and nice to each other and emotional.

"It is great. I've not had the father to sit me down and say, 'Let me guide you a little bit about the kind of things I think you'd be interested in and how to do it.'

"So the greatest thing that Oliver does for me is that he educates me."

The OSCAR winner has refused to speak to her MIDNIGHT COWBOY star father since he broke down in tears on an American TV show in 2002, saying he was concerned about her mental health.

The same year (02), she went to court to remove his surname Voight from her legal name.

07/07/2004 13:45