Movie star Angelina Jolie is flattered she's the first choice as a female love interest for Kate Beckinsale and Carmen Electra, but she can't return the favour.

At The Oscars earlier this year (FEB04), VAN HELSING star Beckinsale praised fellow awards guest Jolie's beauty, declaring, "I could have eaten her up with a spoon. She's so gorgeous."

However when Jolie was asked by American TV network E!'s gossip columnist Ted Casablanca if she would become romantically involved with former Baywatch actress Electra or Beckinsale, Jolie replied, "No and no."

Jolie says there are several women she would consider marrying, but one was recently off the market.

She says, "I don't want to say her name, 'cause she just got married... to a man. (My son) MADDOX's godmothers... They're two women I'd marry."

07/12/2004 17:38