Hollywood star Angelina Jolie wants to quit making movies - because she's bored of the filmmaking process.

The brunette beauty, currently starring in Mr And Mrs Smith opposite Brad PITT, is disillusioned after a number of reshoots delayed the release of the action comedy.

And Jolie would rather devote her time to travelling, spending time with her adopted four-year-old son MADDOX, and pursuing her work as an ambassador for the UNITED NATIONS.

She says, "I guess I just don't care as much as I used to. I'm happier doing other things.

"Why would I want to spend so much making a film other than as a means to an end?

"There's so much drama that comes with films - bickering with studios, directors fighting for their script. There's too much stuff about what product we need to get out to make this much money on that weekend.

"There's not a lot of stuff that is exciting or fulfilling."

07/06/2005 13:42