OSCAR-winning movie star Angelina Jolie has banned her adopted son MADDOX from watching any of her work until he's an adult.

The sexy actress - whose films include ORIGINAL SIN and GIRL, INTERRUPTED - is afraid some of her more adult work will be unsuitable for the tot for years to come.

And Maddox took particular exception to the poster of Jolie's latest movie TAKING LIVES - which shows the actress being strangled.

She says, "Obviously my films are very hard for Mad to watch. He saw the poster for Taking Lives, we were driving in the car, and I heard him in the back saying 'Mama, mama?' and I thought 'What honey, I'm right here?'"

"And he just had this really weird look. And then I realised it was that. It was, at two-and-a-half years old, having this image of someone strangling your mother."

07/04/2004 17:47