OSCAR-winning actress Angelina Jolie can't wait to join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at her son MADDOX's new school.

The TAKING LIVES star's two-year-old is enrolling at a London private school in September (04) and Jolie is determined to take an active role in her child's schooling.

Jolie says, "I'm stopping work and taking Mad to school in September. I'm going to be a mom and join the PTA."

Besides joining the PTA and caring for Maddox after school, Jolie recently admitted she had started the adoption process again and is looking for a brother or sister for her son.

She enthused, "The thought has always been to do it when Maddox starts school. I think he needs to start to have his own room and spend a few hours at school a day. Then I can introduce a new baby and he will adjust well."

24/03/2004 13:41