MR + MRS SMITH star Angelina Jolie has announced plans to help build a paediatric AIDS centre in Ethiopia, after witnessing the plight of orphans there when she adopted her daughter ZAHARA.

The Hollywood actress, who took custody of Zahara earlier this year (05), made the announcement at New York City's first annual Worldwide Orphans Foundation benefit on Monday (24OCT05).

She says, "I personally am not willing to wait any longer for action by the United States or any government while children are suffering and dying.

"I know some of the kids that were next to my daughter (at the orphanage); two of them passed away, with symptoms very similar to hers.

"I really do believe that if I didn't get her out at that time, that she wouldn't be here. She was days away (from death)."

Jolie is also the mother of four-year-old MADDOX, who she adopted in Cambodia in 2002.