Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie is being evaluated by an adoption agency as she hopes to find a brother or sister for her adorable son MADDOX.

The TOMB RAIDER star, 28, adopted Cambodian orphan Maddox in March 2002, shortly before her marriage to second husband Billy Bob Thornton fell apart.

As three-year-old Maddox gears up to start school in England this September (04), Jolie believes the time is right to parent another child.

Jolie says, "I've always thought that when Mad starts school and was a bit more independent of me, it would be time to introduce him to another baby. That's what I'm doing.

"I'm in the process of being evaluated as an adoptive mom. They're visiting my home, taking my fingerprints and all the stuff. It's very exciting."

The American actress is looking forward to buying Maddox's first school uniform.

Jolie enthuses, "I'm going to buy the hat and tie and everything as soon as I'm back in London."

And the OSCAR-winner is happy for her son to be brought up in England, away from the glare of Hollywood.

She explains, "He is going to be fine wherever he is. He's a very self-sufficient boy. He'll fall over and scrape his knee and he'll just get right back up."

Maddox is currently learning both French and English, and Jolie plans for him to learn his native Khmer when he's older, so he can remain aware of his south east Asian roots.

17/03/2004 02:04