Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a new favourite US magazine after editors thrilled the actress when they bought her an antique gift they heard she desperately wanted for her boyfriend.

Reporters at Life + Style magazine quizzed New York antiques dealer DOM LaRAIA after they followed the sexy star to his Manhattan store, and asked him what Jolie was interested in.

When he disclosed that the actress was very interested in an antique picture of a cowboy, featuring drawings of bullets used in the Old Wild West, editors bought the piece for $750 (GBP420) and gave it to Jolie as a gift on the set of her new movie THE GOOD SHEPHERD.

A thrilled Jolie said, "This is crazy. I was looking at this. You just made my day."

And there's no doubt Jolie intended to give the old sketch to Pitt - she told LaRaia she was going to "tell her husband about it".

Pitt is currently in Canada preparing to play famed outlaw Jesse James in new movie THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES.