LATEST: Crusading actress Angelina Jolie has been threatened with legal action after accusing a Cambodian charity of stealing. The Tomb Raider star recently broke off an agreement with wildlife group Cambodian Vision In Development, in which she had committed to a $1.5 million (GBP833,333) donation spread over five years. But she pulled out of the contract and set up her own organisation after allegedly branding a charity worker a thief. Now the organisation is threatening to sue for libel and breach of contract if Jolie doesn't apologise for her comments. Cambodian Vision In Development head MOUNH SARATH says, "I have been asking Jolie and her lawyer to give me an appropriate answer, but so far no answer. "Now I give her one week and if there is still no answer I will a file suit in the local court of Battambang." Jolie has since started up the Maddox Jolie Project, which is named after her eldest child, Cambodian-born MADDOX, five.