Angelina Jolie is honest with her two unnamed lovers - she's informed the mystery men they will only ever be sexual partners.

The OSCAR-winning beauty, 29, carefully selected the lucky men from her circle of male friends, but stipulated guidelines preventing the romances from becoming serious.

Jolie, who is a single mother to son MADDOX, says, "I have two lovers right now and they're both men, for the moment anyway.

"I've known these men for a long time and before we become lovers we had discussions on how that's all we would be, because you need to be very careful that no one gets hurt.

"I've been with one of them for two years now and talk about life and politics, share books, now he's one of the greatest friends I have.

"Usually, there's a stereotype that women have to give their hearts in relationships, while men can just give their penises. But I don't believe that."

03/01/2005 17:33