Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has found the ideal way to satisfy her sexual urges without the hassle of romance - she romps with "old friends" in hotel rooms.

The TOMB RAIDER star, 28, has created an active sex life for herself but rules out embarking on a relationship, becasue she doesn't want a man disrupting her bond with her two-year-old son MADDOX.

So the actress privately meets trustworthy pals for sex in hotels.

Jolie explains, "I have lovers, but I make sure to keep them away from my son.

"I don't want him to be confused.

"I have friends that I've met in hotel rooms that are old friends of mine.

"I have relationships, but I'm not going public with them - or with any man - because all it does is confuse Maddox."

14/04/2004 17:55