Angelina Jolie is convinced her new movie SALT has been given a boost by the real-life scandal involving Russian spies working undercover in America - because the movie's plot is "more real than we could have guessed".
The Hollywood actress plays a CIA agent accused of being a secret Russian operative plotting to assassinate the U.S. president in the new action thriller.
The film's release comes just weeks after 10 Russian agents were deported from America after they admitted living under false identities in the U.S. while sending secret information back to their homeland. They were recently handed back to officials in Moscow in return for the release of four Russian convicts in a so-called 'spy swap'.
Jolie launched Salt in Russia on Sunday (25Jul10), and speaking at the premiere in Moscow, she admitted the news story had fascinated everyone who worked on the movie.
She told reporters, "We discovered it (the movie's plot) was more real than we could have guessed. Truth really is stranger than fiction...
"You don't want to focus on the negative behind this issue of the spy swap because I think that what is happening between our countries is wonderful these days, so many positive movements forward."