Angelina Jolie is beginning to appreciate the dangers involved in her work for the UNITED NATIONS, after her she had to back out of entering Chechnya to protect her son MADDOX's life.

The TOMB RAIDER star took on a goodwill ambassador role for the organisation, and has visited hordes of refugees in war-torn corners of the world.

But when she realised the danger her work posed to her Cambodian-born adopted son, she was forced to stay out of Chechnya.

She says, "I went to Russia and I wasn't able to go inside Chechnya. I got a travel warning and they told me that I couldn't bring my son into that region because he would be the target of kidnapping possibly. And the thought that somebody would kill my son - just because I was trying to do something good or help them - was so stunning to me."

But Jolie isn't deterred from trying to help where she can.

She adds, "I have no right to risk my life if I have a child. But what about those millions of people that have children that are in the middle of nowhere...?

"Maybe because my son's adopted I see him as those children. They're just like my son. He's from one of those countries."

21/10/2003 09:09