Angelina Jolie is ready to adopt again - just three months after taking legal custody of her daughter ZAHARA.

In 2002, the sexy actress travelled to Cambodia, where she adopted her son MADDOX, now four, and in the summer (05), Jolie made her way to Ethiopia, where she became a mother to nine-month-old Zahara.

And since attending the first annual Worldwide Orphans Foundation benefit in New York City on Monday (24OCT05), Jolie is looking into adopting another child.

She says, "Most of the night I just thought about how quickly I want to adopt again. It's a very special thing. There's something about making a choice, waking up and travelling somewhere and finding your family.

"There are so many wonderful places. There are many parts of Asia, Africa, South America, so sooner or later I'll end up everywhere, I'm sure."