Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has allegedly vowed to marry boyfriend Brad Pitt, after making a promise to her dying mother. The Mr And Mrs Smith stars were both at MARCHELINE BERTRAND's bedside when she lost her seven-year battle with ovarian cancer last week (27JAN07) at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Jolie is reported to have made the pledge hours before her beloved mother's passing, sparking speculation of a marriage within months. A source close to the family tells British newspaper the Sunday Express, "Marcheline held Angie's hand and told her, 'You marry that man. He's an angel sent to look after you.' "Marcheline almost looked on him as a son. She thought the world of him and was constantly nagging Angie to 'wed that man'." The friend adds, "Brad has never stopped trying to push (Jolie) down the aisle but she's always resisted, saying that it's the children who legally bind them together. "Now she'll make good on her death bed promise."