The world will never see the nude portraits Angelina Jolie posed for while pregnant with baby SHILOH NOUVEL - because the artist who created them has promised never to even talk about the project. DON BACHARDY, who has previously painted Bette Davis, Jack Nicholson and LORD OLIVIER, told only select friends he had been commissioned to capture the TOMB RAIDER star during each trimester of her pregnancy. The 72-year-old Santa Monica, California-based portrait artist has since refused to even talk about the secret sessions, when he stared at a naked Jolie. An insider tells America's Life + Style magazine, "Angie knew of Don's work through her dad, Jon Voight. Don was so excited to get her call. She flew him to meet her in France and Africa." Art curator SUE HODSON (corr) is one of the few friends Bachardy confided in. She says, "Angelina Jolie has asked him not to talk about or show the portraits. He's a fine portrait artist, and Angie's familiar with his work. "He thinks she's one of the most beautiful, elegant celebrities in the world - ever."