Angelina Jolie is making Christmas plans to return to her adopted Cambodia - to become a citizen.

The actress has been offered citizenship to the country where her adopted son MADDOX was born as a result of her tireless efforts to aid the struggling country.

And she thinks it would be a great idea to spend the holidays in her new jungle home.

She says, "I want to take Maddox somewhere in the middle of some interesting place in the world. I'll probably visit Cambodia only because I'm going to accept citizenship there.

"I met with the Prime Minister about stopping a dam from being built and we spoke about the different things I'd been doing in the country for the last few years.

"He said they'd given citizenship to two people on a humanitarian basis and offered me citizenship. I was extremely honoured and I love the people. It's my son's country so it's a great honour.

"I'll be just spending the day with the people there and have a celebration."

13/11/2004 02:43