LATEST: A court in Namibia, Africa has dismissed a case against a photographer who allegedly trespassed on the grounds where Angelina Jolie is expected to give birth. South African snapper JOHN LIEBENBERG, 48, was arrested on Friday night (19MAY06) but has since been released with a warning after three days in custody. Liebenberg drove into the rear of Walvis Bay police station after receiving a tip that the actress was about to have her first biological child with partner Brad Pitt at the adjoining Welwitschia medical clinic. Magistrate SAREL JACOBS was bemused the photographer had been detained for several days. He said, "It might be that you are a foreigner and that you were arrested for trespassing, (but) why was it necessary to keep you in custody for the whole weekend?" "I don't understand that and I think it was unnecessary." The prosecution had asked for a fine of 1,000 Namibian dollars ($140/GBP80) or a year in prison. Liebenberg says, "They probably wanted to make an example of me to the other so-called nasty paparazzi press. "But we have been very respectful to (the couple.)"