Actress Angelina Jolie was thrilled working alongside Jude Law in new movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, because she always yearned to collaborate on-screen with her ex-husband's "best friend".

The OSCAR-winning beauty was married to Law's close pal Jonny Lee Miller from 1995 to 1999, and was honoured to land a supporting role to the hunky actor in the sci-fi thriller.

Jolie says, "I've known Jude for years because I was married to his best friend for a few years so it was nice to finally work with him.

"We all haven't seen the final film and how it looks. It's really Jude and GWYNETH (PALTROW) and it's their film, and I'm kind of the other character that shows up towards the end that's a bit shifty."

24/03/2004 21:23