Angelina Jolie was left stranded in remote Tanzania without any money on one mission as UNITED NATIONS ambassador when a Hollywood premiere was cancelled at the last minute.

The actress had given away all her belongings in the knowledge that she was about to board a plane which would jet her back to Los Angeles - but it never arrived.

She tells the current issue of VOGUE magazine, "I was in Tanzania on the border, and it's just this really faraway place that you take little planes to get into and then drive to the border.

"I didn't have any means of getting out, because somehow I was going to rough it, and then after two weeks Hollywood was going to come and get me. In a private plane, with a premiere dress, makeup, and some snacks.

"I had basically given away all my money and run out of everything, including tampons, clean clothes, and food.

"So this random message came over the wire: 'The premiere's cancelled. Stay as long as you want. Have a good time.'

"It was like, 'Oh my God. I've just been left here. Hollywood doesn't need you for a premiere, so we don't care what happens to you.'"

The details of Jolie's trip to Tanzania are featured in her recently published United Nations journals, NOTES FROM MY TRAVELS.

17/03/2004 21:02