Angelina Jolie and DANIEL FUTTERMAN made a pact to fall in love on the set of new movie A MIGHTY HEART - because they wanted to show a young boy just how much his mum and dad cared for each other. The actors wanted to show little Adam Pearl his parents, Mariane and Daniel Pearl, enjoyed a great romance before tragedy struck and claimed the life of his father. The U.S. journalist was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002. Jolie became friends with Pearl's widow before filming began and her children played with Mariane's son Adam, so it was important to the actress that she and Futterman, who plays Daniel in the new film, fought to make sure the Pearls' story was not focused solely on the tragedy. She tells Glamour magazine, "That was one of the reasons doing this movie was hard for me; I know Adam and I know he's going to see it. I want him to know how much his parents madly, madly loved each other. "Danny Futterman and I would talk about that: 'God, are we going to be connected enough? Are we going to be desperately in love like Danny and Mariane were?' "I usually can't watch things I'm in but I was able to watch this and think about them as a couple and smile a lot."