Stunning actress Angelina Jolie has increased speculation of a reconciliation with ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller by insisting they "will always be very close".

The sexy star reportedly spent a lot of time with the TRAINSPOTTING star after her split from second husband Billy Bob Thornton last year (02) and relocation to Miller's native Britain to film TOMB RAIDER sequel THE CRADLE OF LIFE.

With the breakdown of Miller's long-term relationship with TV actress LISA FAULKNER, speculation grew the pair may reconcile their relationship, which ended in divorce in 1999 after a four year marriage.

However, whilst Jolie admits to still harbouring warm feelings towards her HACKERS co-star, she says their relationship is merely platonic.

She explains, "We never fought and never hurt each other. I wanted to commit too him but he deserved more than I was prepared to give at the time.

"We have been spending time together in England. We are very, very good friends and we will always be very close."

14/07/2003 13:25