Angelina Jolie was keen to ensure the Cambodian orphanage she adopted son MADDOX from is financially secure.

The philanthropic OSCAR winner, 29, who adopted the tot in 2002, made sure all the other children at the home will be looked after - which included airlifting a dying boy.

She explains, "Before I adopted Mad, I decided to do something financially to help the entire orphanage - fortunately I have that ability.

"I can't bring every kid home, but I can make sure that life is better for a big group of them.

"I helped to sponsor the education for the kids that were older, who were not going to be adopted.

"The first time I saw a young boy who was dying and didn't know what to do. I said, 'I'm going to save everybody and I'm going to solve it, let's get him airlifted out'.

"But he was only one of 20,000 kids in the one area. It's so sad."

17/09/2004 18:53