Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has increased speculation over her love life by stating she is "going out" with a number of men "at the moment".

Despite the fact the actress claimed just two weeks ago (23JUL03) she hadn't dated or had sex in over a year since splitting with husband BILLY BOB THORNTON, Jolie let slip whilst talking to German reporters that she is currently involved with unnamed "men".

The TOMB RAIDER star has been at the centre of controversy in past weeks after she was at first strongly linked to her Taking Lives co-star OLIVIER MARTINEZ, who is dating Australian pop star Kylie Minogue, and was then pictured on Sunday (03AUG03) kissing another cast member, married Ethan Hawke, in her trailer on the Montreal, Canada set of the new film.

She told journalists who enquired whether her adopted son MADDOX needed a father figure, "Does my child really need a father? Take a look at the men I go out with at the moment - and decide for yourself whether they would be suitable fathers."

05/08/2003 14:22