Angelina Jolie giggled her way through an informed TV chat about the need to educate Africa's children this morning (27APR06) - and blamed her high spirits on her hormones. The seven-months pregnant actress, once famed for her dark image and bizarre self-abusing rituals, was positively giddy as she sat for a chat with US newswoman Ann Curry for an upcoming DATELINE special. A segment of the interview, which will air on Sunday (30APR06), was shown on breakfast show TODAY. Wearing a headscarf on her head and sporting very little makeup, Jolie glowed as she chatted with Curry about her bid to urge US politicians to help educate young Africans. She said, "More children die under the age of five when the parents are not educated, more people get AIDS when they haven't had an education. Statistics prove that if every child was in school every year 700,000 less people would get AIDS." But the interview got lighter as Curry asked about Jolie's impending birth, prompting the actress to start giggling uncontrollably. She explained that pregnancy has turned her into a very happy lady: "I get hysterical now, like. it'll go on for hours; it's really horrible. It's hormonal." Jolie conducted the Dateline interview in her new Namibian home, where she's preparing for the birth of her first natural child this summer (06).