OSCAR-winning actress Angelina Jolie has financed a documentary which has captured events as they occur all over the world during the same random three-minute time frame.

Jolie, adoptive mother of Cambodian orphan MADDOX, came up with the idea for A MOMENT IN THE WORLD after realising how contrasting her travels have been in recent years.

She says, "I kept going between Mad's country and refugee camps or war zones to Hollywood and all these odd places and then seeing the world at all these different times.

"Then it became this kind of crazy adventure of organising a lot of people and gathering over 30 crews of people and sending them across the world to all these places.

"On January 11th (05) we all opened up our cameras at the exact same time, coordinated across the world for three minutes."

A release date for the documentary has yet to be announced.

07/06/2005 09:11