Actress Angelina Jolie is urging young women to focus on positive career goals - or risk sinking into depression.

The TOMB RAIDER star suffered a prolonged spell of low self-esteem during her younger years and struggled to find a direction in life.

But ultimately she dragged herself out of her predicament when she decided to gain "independence" and "purpose" - which ultimately landed her a Hollywood career.

She says, "I would want to feel that maybe my life can trigger similar desires in other people. I was pretty lost when I was a teenager and I had difficulty in focusing on positive goals.

"So I would like younger women to realise that we all go through periods in our lives when we aren't sure of what we want to do or where we're going.

"My best advice would be to find something that makes you passionate about life an to follow your dreams."

26/10/2004 17:34