Angelina Jolie is ecstatic after encouraging Sierra Leone's President AHMAD TEJAN KABBAH to set a timetable for enacting new human rights reforms in the troubled African nation.

The OSCAR-winning actress arrived in Sierra Leone on Monday (09MAY05) and spent several days meeting survivors of the country's civil war - which ended in 2002 - as well as their President.

Kabbah decided this week to agree to the timetable, proposed by Sierra Leone's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Jolie enthuses, "The president has taken an important step toward implementing the recommendations.

"I will be bringing more international focus here and coming back to ensure that the TRC recommendations do not drop off the agenda."

The beauty, who works as a goodwill ambassador for the UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR REFUGEES, was overwhelmed by the courage of the countrypeople.

She says, "The strength and spirit of the people of Sierra Leone have overwhelmed me. I do not know how I could go through 11 years of war with such spirit and strength and continue to fight for family and human rights in the way that the people of Sierra Leone did."

13/05/2005 19:26