Angelina Jolie has been voted the sexiest actress to appear in uniform in 2004 for her leather-clad role in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

The voluptuous 29-year-old was the toast of Hollywood film magazine FEMMES FATALES' readers - but she faced stiff competition from a host of leather-clad actresses.

Jolie's co-star Bai Ling came in second for her role as a robot assassin, while Jessica Biel came third as Blade Trinity's stunning vampire slayer.

OSCAR-winner Halle Berry only ranked a surprising sixth for her PVC-stretching star turn in CATWOMAN.

A Femmes Fatales writer says, "We salute these lovely ladies of the silver screen who went through their own personal hell just to give us guys some of the year's most satisfying eye candy ever seen."

25/01/2005 14:56