The casting of Angelina Jolie as the mixed-race wife of late journalist DANIEL PEARL in new movie A MIGHTY HEART has been heavily criticised by black rights groups. Make-up artists are believed to have used special cosmetics to darken the GIRL, INTERRUPTED stars' skin to match that of MARIANE PEARL - but campaigners believe a real-life mixed-race actress should have been given the part. Blogs on read, "I had assumed that the days when white actors took on the roles of black people had long passed away... "There are mixed-race or black actresses who could have done a damn good job in this role. "You can't tell me that Halle Berry or other women of African descent wouldn't have been a better choice - what is taking place here is an act of arrogance and whitewashing by people who think that because they are super-rich they can be anything they want."