Angelina Jolie is the latest movie star to consider a political career, although she fears her past will come back to haunt her.

Spurred on by Arnold Schwarzenegger's appointment as California's new Governor, the TOMB RAIDER star hasn't ruled out running for office - because she thinks she could make huge changes.

But Jolie insists she's not intelligent enough to take on politics right now, even though she'd like to help bring about global change after seeing atrocities around the globe as a United Nations goodwill ambassador.

She says, "If I felt I could really make a difference and be useful I'd certainly consider it. I don't know if I'm aware enough yet, if I'm smart enough, if I've educated myself enough about all issues.

"I think that's really important if you really are gonna make that transition, so we'll see.

"I do find myself talking more and more about these things and wanting to do things, but I think I've got a little too much in my closet for a political life."

23/10/2003 08:46