Pregnant actress Angelina Jolie plans to abandon Hollywood in favour of motherhood for much of this year (06), but she once considered walking away permanently.

When the actress, who is dating Brad Pitt, returned from her first official job visiting refugees as a United Nations ambassador, she feared she'd never be able to walk the red carpets and smile for the cameras again.

The Mr And Mrs Smith actress recalls, "I came back and I had to present something at an awards ceremony and I was sure that, I'm going to go and I'm just going to hate this; I'm just going to think that everybody's false and shallow and I don't want to go and get dressed up and everything.

"I really did think that was going to be my attitude and instead this funny thing happened - I think I just became more sensitive to all people.

"I ended up seeing all the people on the red carpet as, 'God, they must just have spent hours trying to put themselves together, they think that's so important and they're so nervous because they want to get an award tonight. I just felt for everybody in the room."

Jolie is planning to take a break from her acting career to concentrate on her growing family.

She adds, "I'd love to adopt just a bunch more kids, have a few and just be travelling and be home.

"I haven't worked much this year and it's been really nice."