Angelina Jolie and director Doug Liman's differing views on marriage caused tension on the set of Mr And Mrs Smith.

The movie, which stars Jolie and Brad Pitt as assassins hired to kill each other, was dogged by poor relations which saw Liman refusing to speak to his lead actress.

During shooting for some scenes, Liman handed over directing Jolie to Pitt.

Twice married Jolie tells EMPIRE magazine, "Oh, we had troubles! The movie is all about marriage, and Doug would be saying, 'Well, in my relationship this would happen....' And we'd all say, 'F**k you!' and I'd say, 'Well, in my marriage I would never do that.'"

Despite the difficulties it may have caused, Jolie insists the bickering was not entirely a bad thing: "Everyone has an opinion, but that's healthy."

16/06/2005 09:11