Angelina Jolie wants British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown to usurp Prime Minister Tony Blair and become the next UK leader, after being impressed by his efforts to tackle poverty. The MR AND MRS SMITH star was taking part in yesterday's (26APR06) Global Campaign For Education Conference Call and spoke to the Labour politician about aid budgets for developing nations to improve their schooling systems. During the broadcast Brown praised the screen beauty, who is pregnant with actor Brad Pitt's child, for her unwavering commitment despite her turbulent private life. He says, "You've gone to countries where there is great danger and you have had to undergo a huge amount of difficulty yourself in getting your message across. "You are known in every continent in the world, so we're very pleased to wish you and Brad well personally with your child but we know you're continuing this work and thank you for it." In response the 30-year-old actress used her influence to encourage Brown: "Chancellor Brown. Hearing that means so much to me. I have been following your work, I do know that to push this forward must have been a great deal of work for you and the people that you work with and I know what a huge commitment it is."