Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie formed such a close bond with Alexander child actor JESSIE KAMM on set of the historical epic, she felt like a mother to him.

The Lara Croft: Tomb Raider actress felt protective of young Kamm - who plays the younger ALEXANDER THE GREAT in the film - and felt terrible when she had to introduce him to the pitfalls of acting with snakes.

She says, "I love the little one. He was like my kid.

"I felt so bad having to put a snake around him. He was this sweet little boy who had never acted, and for someone who has never acted to be in a room with a psychotic women singing and putting snakes in your face, was interesting… and I'm sure challenging for him.

"He was great; he entered the film business in one of the weirdest ways possible."

26/11/2004 09:27