Actress Angelina Jolie is facing strong criticism over her adoption of Ethiopian orphan Zahara Marley after it emerged the baby has a grandmother desperate to raise the money to keep her.

ALMAZ BLFNHE, 45, toiled to care for the baby for four months after her daughter MENTEWABE died from complications in childbirth, but eventually accepted she was too poor to look after her.

Children's charities are critical of the MR AND MRS SMITH star and argue she would have done more good donating some of her $54 million (GBP30 million) fortune to the heartbroken family.

Matthew Collinson, of the League for African Development says, "A more sensitive solution would have been for her to help the grandmother in the same way that people sponsor children abroad. Alternatively she could have adopted a child that truly had no one else on the planet to care for it."

Blfnhe says, "No woman wants to give away her own flesh and blood, but the adoption office said they could give her a better life."

She appeals to Angelina, "Send me a picture one day so I can remember my granddaughter and her beautiful big brown eyes, just like my daughter's eyes."

15/07/2005 01:55