Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stop their children from fighting each other by lavishing them with attention and letting them all share a giant bed with the couple. The actress admits she and Pitt have to work hard to stop Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh from resenting the most recent addition to their family, three-year-old Pax. But they have united as a family by spending their Sundays in bed together. Jolie explains to Reader's Digest magazine, "We've tried to figure out a lot of private time for each of them. When everybody goes to bed, we give Mad time. When everybody is at school, we give Shiloh time. "In between, Z and Pax each get special time. And on Sundays we have a big family sleep, when the boys get in bed with us and we watch a movie. It started with Mad, then Pax, and now Z is desperate to move into the bed. "We're talking about having to build a bigger bed!"