Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt make a special effort to spend quality time with each one of their children individually so they all feel equally loved. The celebrity pair are parents to MADDOX, five, ZAHARA, 23 months, and SHILOH, seven months. She explains, "Brad and I make special time for all of them. Everybody gets their special time. It's a very thought out balance we're trying to make. We're very, very lucky, they're very good kids." When asked what activities are included, she tells Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer, "Really the big special times are like this morning - just a lot of nothing together. "Just sitting around colouring. We broke the coffee machine, we tried to fix it. "We were playing with the kids, trying to get everybody to find somebody's bottle that is lost, change somebody's diaper that's gone leaky. Just all that good stuff."