Angelina Jolie and partner Brad Pitt are carefully planning their careers and their incomes so they can afford to have a bigger family. The Tomb Raider star and mother-of-three insists children are expensive - even when there are two Hollywood A'listers in the household bringing home eight-figure salaries. She says, "Brad and I want to continue to adopt, but keeping a big family uses up a lot of money. "For the moment we are talking between ourselves about our respective professional projects, we will then make sure we are agreed between ourselves on where we're working and so plan our absences. "We need to be attached to MAD, ZAHARA and SHILOH as much as possible." In the interview with French magazine Gala, the actress also admits that meeting Pitt changed her life completely. She says, "Don't go repeating it whatever you do, but yes I love him. I love him a lot. "After I met him my life became more harmonious."