LATEST: Angelina Jolie is being fast-tracked through the Vietnamese adoption system so she can adopt a young boy there in May (07), according to a local official. VU DUC LONG, director of the south east Asian nation's Ministry of Justice's International Adoption Department, has confirmed Jolie's application has been speeded up because she chose the child during a previous visit to Ho Chi Minh City. He says, "She might receive her adoptive child in three months, one month earlier than the normal time frame for an adoption. "He is between four and five and now stays at the Tam Binh orphanage." The Tomb Raider actress filed papers through a US adoption agency to take custody of the child three months ago. Jolie, her partner Brad Pitt and their family visited Vietnam in November (06) in between filming of A MIGHTY HEART in Pakistan. Jolie adopted Cambodian-born Maddox in 2002 and Ethiopian-born Zahara in 2005. She gave birth to Pitt's child Shiloh in Namibia last May (06).