LATEST: Angelina Jolie has confirmed she is in the process of adopting another child.

The Tomb Raider beauty, who adopted Cambodian orphan MADDOX shortly before the meltdown of her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton last year (03), is ready to become a mother again - and she's willing to temporarily ditch acting for domestic duties.

She says, "I'd like more kids, so I'm beginning the adoption process again at the moment. When Maddox starts school will probably be the best time, and I'm trying to figure out how I can balance it all.

"It's hard having a child and working. I'd love to have seven kids, but I want to make sure I can do it.

"I'm filming Alexander in Pinewood, England, right now with Colin Farrell and VAL (KILMER). I don't think there will be a TOMB RAIDER 3, but I'm trying to do as much as I can right now. Then I'll have another baby, and then I'll take some time off and learn to fly a plane."

16/10/2003 17:27