Movie beauty Angelina Jolie wants to become a pilot so she can ferry aid workers and food supplies around the world - and impress her young son MADDOX with jetsetting adventures.

The Tomb Raider actress is studying hard for her license and has given herself a five-year deadline to master flying so she can take to the skies on a whim.

Speaking exclusively to VOGUE magazine, Jolie insists she'll retire from acting once she masters the cockpit, and spend more time working for the United Nations, for which she's an ambassador for refugees.

The actress - who has a home in England - says, "My dream is to retire in a few years and take six months and deliver food and help people get from one place to another and just loan out services as a pilot and be with my kids. I could just go.

"Part of this motivation, I'm convinced, is that everytime Mad sees a plane he goes, 'Ahhhhh! Mama!' And the idea that I could actually fly a plane by the time he's four? I'll be like Superman to him.

"We could get to Ireland in a half hour. 'What do you want to do Mad? You want to go get ice cream in Spain?'"

18/03/2004 17:06