Gossips are ruining Angelina Jolie's goodwill trips abroad because she can't take movie star pals with her for fear of being linked to them romantically.

The actress reveals she's often approached by co-stars who want to share her experiences when she visits refugee camps in trouble spots around the globe.

But she stops short of inviting them to join her on United Nations missions because she doesn't want to spark a storm of romance stories.

She tells VOGUE magazine, "There are a lot of actors I've met in last few years who have reluctantly called to say, 'I'm just curious about this, but I don't want to impose.'

"You think, 'How crazy that somebody thinks it's an imposition to want to get involved and help other people.'

"There have been men I've worked with, great actors, who have said, 'I'd love to join you, I'd love to learn...' and I think, 'Oh, that'd be great,' but then my second thought is, 'If we go to some field visit together, we'll be dating.'

"It's unfortunate because it does stop people from being bold."

18/03/2004 08:59