LATEST: A Cambodian aid organisation has rubbished allegations "hundreds of thousands of dollars" donated by Angelina Jolie have been stolen. It was recently claimed Jolie had broken an agreement after she stopped sending funds to Cambodian Vision In Development. On Monday (30OCT06), Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt's philanthropic and political advisor TREVOR NEILSON responded that no agreement had been terminated. He said, "No agreement was broken. There was no reneging on any commitment. "The sad reality is that this person who made these allegations was fired because we believe (he) stole." Neilson did not reveal whether any legal action would be taken against Cambodian Vision In Development to try and get back the allegedly stolen money. But MOUNH SARATH, director of Cambodian Vision In Development, says, "(We) will fight any lawsuit to find out the truth and to see if they have any documented proof of the money stolen." Jolie had since started up the Maddox Jolie Project, which is named after her eldest child, Cambodian-born MADDOX, five.