Today is the sixth birthday of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt eldest biological child, Shiloh. Their daughter turns six today (May 28, 2012) and recent pictures of her reveal that she looks to have inherited an even mix of her mother and father's good looks. Shiloh's definitely got Angelina's pouty lips and she's got daddy's blonde hair and eyes. Given her apparent love of the tomboy look, it seems as though she's developed something of her father's dress sense too. One picture from the Daily Mail shows her in a mini Ramones t-shirt and a pair of camouflage trousers.
Today, of course, Shiloh will be centre of attention in the Pitt-Jolie household. That's probably not the case most days, though, as she has to vie for attention with her five siblings, some of whom were adopted before Angelina and Brad decided to have children of their own. The brood is so big now that Shiloh's grandfather Jon Voight (Angelina's dad) has said that he reckons Brangelina have enough kids now and shouldn't be looking to expand the family any further. He did add, however, that the children are all very well looked after, saying "She is a remarkable actress and then she's lovely with her children. I see the way she takes care of six children at the same time . and it's a lot of fun. She's a lot of fun with them."
When she was born, Angelina and Brad decided to sell the first photos of Shiloh to People magazine (US) and Hello! magazine (UK) and donate the money that they received, to charities that helped African children (Shiloh's adopted brother and sister, Maddox and Zahara are from Ethiopia). They received a reported $4.1 million from People and $3.5 million from Hello.