Now that pictures of Angelina Jolie's engagement ring have surfaced online, E! News have been investigating the likelihood of Brad Pitt and his wife-to-be being able to protect the design, should some over-zealous fans wish to copy it for their own nuptials. An expert in intellectual property litigation, Lincoln Bandlow, told their reporter "I don't know why he would want to go out and stop people from doing this, but assuming he wanted to, there's probably enough there to pursue."
According to Bandlow, Pitt would need to ensure that the design of the ring was copyrighted before he entered into any kind of legal proceedings against future copycats. "The design of a ring, as long as there's sufficient creativity, which is a minimal requirement under copyright law-he could put copyright protection into the design. There's not a tremendous level of originality required to have copyright protection."
Bandlow reckons that someone would have to turn out a pretty exacting copy of the exclusive design, though, if Brangelina were thinking of getting precious about the pricey gem. "I think someone would have to do an absolute exact copy. If there are any variations, there's not enough for infringement" explains the attorney. "When you have something of this minimal level of creativity, you need verbatim infringement. I don't think it's worth his while-I think he should take it as a compliment." According to the report, the jeweler Robert Procop took a year getting the emerald-cut diamonds perfectly prepared for the ring, so Pitt would have good reason to get protective of the design, if anyone ever did manage an exact copy of the stylish rock.