A bizarre video of Angelina Jolie pacing around a filthy New York City apartment has emerged online.

The 16-minute clip, which is believed to have been shot at the Ansonia Hotel building in New York City in 1999, was posted online by U.S. tabloid the National Enquirer on Tuesday night (08Jul14).

It shows Jolie looking extremely thin, with messy, dyed blonde hair, walking around an untidy room covered in soda cans and piles of clothes, and talking on the phone. She is heard discussing family issues with a caller said to be her actor father Jon Voight.

The man who shot the footage, a former drug dealer named Franklin Meyer, alleges the actress was one of his clients and the video was taken with her consent.

Jolie has been open about her past battles with drugs before she turned her life around and became a Hollywood superstar.